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At heart, I’m a recruiter. In my bones, I’m a networker. I’m a natural-born sales personality type. Not the sales-kind that has a property I’d love to show you out in the swamp lands of Mississippi.

I just believe in the adages, “You’re only as good as your last sale.” And “You make or break the first 3 seconds of the first impression. So make those seconds count.”

Often times, I’m on the lookout for writers. When I meet one, I introduce myself and hand the person a business card. Yes, a business card with my name, my email and a self-proclaimed title “WRITER”

For awhile, I dismissed the idea of a business card for a few reasons.

                Reason 1: I hadn’t published a novel.

Reason 2: I didn’t think that I had published enough to qualify as a writer.

Reason 3: I dreaded the “Who cares?” look I may receive from strangers.

However, my corporate American personality started to nag at me. I started to consider the cost of not taking this step towards polished professionalism. What would it say about me as a person?

I decided to honor my hard work, my craft, and set a standard for other writers out there in the world. I may inspire another writer! I may help another writer to rise above my own accomplishments and through them succeed.

So, instead of doing it for me, at first, I did things differently to empower others. Next thing I knew, magic started to happen for me.

I started to receive emails. I started to receive phone calls. My writers group began to grow.

Now my sale is my writing. I hand out my card to everyone I meet. I make my first 3 seconds count and my last sale is myself.

Encouraging you,



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