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“I need money,” my teen begged from the doorway of my office.

“And..I-I-I-I need some writing done. You wanna do it?” I jokingly begged back with a laugh. I knew my son hated writing, and besides, this was a good way to make him think hard about asking me for some flow again while typing away.

The air from his sign made my hair move in the exhale of wind. He looked me in the eye and said, “Okay. Fine. I’ll write.”

My body froze from shock but I sat up and walked away from the computer. “Have at it ‘ghostwriter’.” I motioned my hand to the chair and stepped back to watch.

He took the seat.

“What do I write?” His eyes focused on the glaring computer screen. His shoulders lifted close and snug towards his chest.

“Ah…just start typing; whatever lands, can be edited.”

“Okay. But I warn you, I hate writing.”

“I hear ya.”

Clickety-click. (Pause) Clickety-click-click-click. (Sigh)
Clickety-click-click-clickety-click-click-click. Tap-tap-tap.

Thirty minutes of playing popcorn fingers racing across a keyboard filled the room. Two eyebrows met in the middle of a forehead, while dark eyes squinted, and lips licked by a pink tongue.

“Done. But you’re correcting my spelling. And don’t send this off to anyone without checking it.”

I walk behind his back and look down at the screen. Then, I lean in for a scroll and eye scan on the page. The years I’ve spent as an English professor and writing coach has made me an excellent scanner. Although, I have to admit, I didn’t not expect the surprise I received.

“Kiddo. I think you’re a writer.”

“Oh, no.” He lamented head down and eyes closed.

“Yep. A writer is born.”

Have you just come to a point where you know you have to write, but just don’t know where to start?

Or, have you been told that you should write?

If you were encouraged just a little bit, would you take the risk and jot down what came to mind?

Perhaps the simpliest step a new budding writer can take is just to start…

And then, next thing you know…amidst typos, spelling errors, and all manner of wordiness…

The content won’t be half bad. In fact, it might be pretty decent accusing you of a new birth as a WRITER.


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