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It can be confusing…

Facebook sells it’s content to Google, who then sells it to marketing companies, and then your content is copywritten forever and you wonder…

Should I not use social media for my writing?

It’s hard to say, but one thing is for certain, many publishing companies and agents are expecting serious writers to already have these things in place. And worse, egads! To actually have…large volumes of FRIENDS!

How do you manage social media without having it take over your life?

What is a good quality social media life anyway? Can one really exit?

And if one does, is there life after the death of the respectable reservedness that writers need to keep creativity juices safely flowing?

How do I say what I am doing as a writer, without writing what I am planning to include in my book, article, or next up-and-coming best seller?

These answers and more will be answered in our next Life Group meeting, this Saturday, March 3rd at Christ Fellowship’s Garden Campus.

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