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What are you writing? Is it what’s in your heart?
Or your head?
Do you write to please yourself?  Or others? Or both?

Do you write for money, or pleasure? Or a little in between?

Does it even matter?

As a person who works in publishing, I read query letters all the time. The one thing I have observed in writers is lack of focus on what they write and why. Is this detail important?  Can’t a writer write fiction, and non-fiction?  Or both?

The answer is yes. The answer is no.

Yes anyone can write anything at anytime. However, better writers focus their energy on specific writing tasks. The level of skill goes up with the amount of concentrated effort.

What sells is genre-specific, high-quality writing. If you want to be published in the mainstream market and become well-known, ask yourself when you sit to write:

Where do I want to go?
What am I writing?
Will this get me there?

Helping you write your calling.



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Where in the world are you with writing? As a Christian writer, this question is a two-edged sword. It makes me think of the call to evangelize, and to “Be in the world, not of it.”

That statement has aways perplexed me. This morning, I asked God, “What exactly does that look like? And by the way, Jesus, did you know that when I’m in the world, not of it, I stand out like a sore thumb?”

In fact, just yesterday I shared with a family member that I have lost business, been rejected as a Christian without due cause, and even removed from work associations just by promoting my beliefs on social media.

Not to mention the spiritual warfare that has come my way too. I have felt alone and isolated in my writer journey. This makes me wonder who else is out there feeling that way too?

I wonder if other Christian writers that work and need to make a living find it to be challenging? Does the idea of writing about your faith perplex you on “How to…” become known? Increase followers? Build an audience? Sell your books? Have you been writing about your faith waiting on God to make you known, but the process has moved slowly– and not so surely?

I think that the answer lies in our action as a community of faith. We have to love in action that shows.

How can the community of faith can come through to support one another?

Get to know other Christian writers. Fellowship. Attend a conference. Download e-books written by Christian writers you meet at them. Support their like pages. Write positive reviews. Give a voice to a voice in the wilderness to show that they walk not alone. They have a family to love them as they answer their calling.

Helping you write your calling,

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I have often heard Christian writers speak of a call to write. However, for some the call is not answered or left unfulfilled because of not knowing where to begin. So, I ask you these questions…

Are you called to write? If so, where is your beginning? Have you started and are asking yourself, now what?

A lot can be learned from scripture about fresh starts. God knows all about square one, or the empty slate that remains before eyes that long to see something amazing take place– something that mirrors the inner heart’s cry.

Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God…” . Like you, dear writer, God started His creative time somewhere. Where do you want to begin? When will you decided to start? Ask yourself, “Where is my beginning?”  And more importantly, where does my beginning end?

Stephen Covey shared that the most successful beginnings start with the end in mind. But what if you only know that you have a feeling to write and the end is still unclear?  What then?

The process of creation is never an easy path to take. In fact, process is messy. Genesis 1:2 shares how even when the earth began to take shape and enter into existence out of the heart of God, it too was formless and empty…even dark.

Does that sound a lot like you when you first try to write? I know that it has happened to me. I am learning to take encouragement from God on how to navigate the process and just begin.

Write that initial idea down. If it’s a shapeless sentence made up of words without any coherency, that’s okay. God shows us that shape and form require intimacy with time and process.

Remember He “hovered” over the earth, and explored it’s form before He brought it to light. Like the beginning of God’s quest for intimacy with mankind, your writing springs from a deep desire to be known and to know. This longing comes from the soul of every human being, and it needs nurturing to form.

Stay close to your work. Hover over it a while. Leave it, and return to it with fresh eyes. Meanwhile, draw closer to God. Pray about the fact that you can’t see anything come from you that makes sense, or honors Him. Share your fears, but whatever you do, don’t let the process or fear of the unknown deter you from the task. In time, your moment of divine inspiration will come with clarity and purpose. In the end, the experience will give even more meaning to the phrase, “And let there be light.”

Helping you to answer the call to write that is set before you,


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